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At Pelton Solutions, we're continually expanding our service offerings to better serve you. Below, discover our latest lineup of services available to the public.

Inventory Management

Efficiently track and manage your inventory levels, locations, and statuses with Knowledge ERP's streamlined Inventory Management system. Customize fields to match your business needs, set reorder points, and automate restocking for seamless inventory control.

Internal Asset Management

Optimize your asset tracking and management processes with Knowledge ERP's Internal Asset Management solution. Easily monitor asset movements, maintenance history, and depreciation schedules, ensuring accurate asset management and compliance with industry standards.

Equipment Rental Management

Simplify your equipment rental operations with Knowledge ERP's Equipment Rental Management system. Streamline order processing, manage kits of multiple items efficiently, and track inventory quantities with ease to enhance customer satisfaction and maximize rental revenue.

Customer Relations

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with Knowledge ERP's comprehensive Customer Relations system. Personalize interactions, gather valuable feedback, and track customer preferences to deliver exceptional service and foster long-term relationships.

Appointment Scheduling

Streamline appointment scheduling and management with Knowledge ERP's user-friendly Appointment Scheduling tool. Allow customers to book appointments online, automatically create customer records and related sales orders, and manage all appointments in one centralized platform for improved efficiency.

Inventory Barcode Labels

Effortlessly track inventory items and eliminate data entry errors with Knowledge ERP's Inventory Barcode Labels feature. Generate custom barcode labels for accurate inventory scanning, ensuring seamless inventory management and improved productivity.

Reorder Point

Maintain optimal inventory levels and prevent stockouts with Knowledge ERP's Reorder Point functionality. Set minimum and maximum thresholds for each item, receive notifications when inventory falls below the minimum level, and automate reorder processes for efficient inventory replenishment.

Inventory Kits

Streamline order fulfillment with Knowledge ERP's Inventory Kits feature. Create and manage orders containing kits of multiple items, track kit components and inventory quantities accurately, and simplify inventory management for bundled products or services.

Content Management

Maximize your online presence effortlessly with Swiftrics, the intuitive content management software. Seamlessly optimize your website for search engines while easily creating, organizing, and updating content to attract and engage your audience effectively.